When children are exposed to violence in the community, family or home, it changes them.

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  • CEV Prevention Week 2016 is April 18-22 (click to get involved!)

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The Chicago Safe Start initiative is designed to bring Chicago based people and programs together to help the healing begin for young children exposed to violence (CEV). As a program of the Chicago Department of Public Health, we want to link with all related efforts, especially those that include a prevention focus.

Chicago Safe Start partners are helping families understand the impact of CEV and begin the healing process. Over seventy city and statewide agencies have participated in this effort over the past 10 years and we thank them.

At this site you can increase your awareness and understanding of how children are affected when exposed to violence and trauma. Here we can direct you to local services, as well as training and other resources right in your community.

Whether you're the parent or caregiver of a child, an interested citizen, a civic leader or a professional service provider, we can work together to bring the kids back into focus. So every child is safe from the start.

Thank you to the children of Chicago who posed for Chicago Safe Start pictures.

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